Absolute Chipping

Paints & Co. - [ Mig Productions P250 ] -

Absolute Chipping – Mig Productions AbsoluteĀ Chipping . The name says it all! With just one product you will be able to achieve all kinds of chippings. From small to big. All you need is inside the jar. This is the definitive product to achieve ultra realistic chipped effects in every surface.  

Gamma Blast

Paints & Co. - [ Mig Productions F619 ] -

Gamma Blast – Mig Productions   In a future parallel dimension, Gamma canons are the most common weapons. Their power is immense and they cause chaos and havoc in all belligerent forces. Contrary the Pulsar canons, Gamma canons fires huge balls of gamma energy and their blast is ultra destructive. Their destruction is recognizable by […]

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