Tribute 36 ARF – Hangar 9

Tribute 36 ARF - Hangar 9 HAN2925

Tribute 36 ARF - Hangar 9 HAN2925

Key Features

  • Removable Side Force Generators allow remarkable 3D performance
  • Extremely lightweight all-wood profile construction
  • Designed by Hangar 9® ace Mike McConville and aerodynamicist George Hicks
  • Covered in exclusive Hangar 9 UltraCote®
  • Removable 1-piece wing & bolt-on tail provide easy transport and storage



3D fun-flying has never been better with Hangar 9’s first profile wood ARF. The Tribute 36 ARF is a lightweight balsa-and-ply sport performer designed by Mike McConville and George Hicks, two of the RC industry’s most respected pilots.

Utilizing a flat profile-style fuselage and innovative Side Force Generators that contribute very strong rudder authority, the Tribute 36 is perfect for quick and easy weekend sport fun.