Mini Helicopter Series – Torro

Mini Helicopter Series - Torro 1122538601

Mini Helicopter Series - Torro 1122538601

Torro Metal-Edition Mini Helicopter Series

One of the most famous helicopter in the world!
This helicopter is not only fun for beginners, it is simply charged with the charging cable to the remote controller or the USB cable. Helicopter flights with a fun game at a price that is unheard of until now.

Fly like crazy! Ready-To-Fly – A huge hit at a fabulous price! Replacement parts available from us, the model is thus an unfortunate crash in no case for a ton!
TORRO * Metal * Phoenix Helicopter

Delivery / details:
* R / C  Mini Helicopter PHOENIX-METAL * Gyroscope enables the automatic stabilization of multiple axes
* With sparkling chromatic light
* 3-channel control with braundneuer-board technology
* Lightweight metal frame construction
* SUPER FLEX rotors
* Up / down (pitch function)
* Forward / backward (pitch function)
* Left / Right (Rear function)
* 6-8 min flight time
* 2-compartment ball-bearing rotors
* Altitude and rotor speed control
* Brand new flight stabilization system
* Brake for easy landing
* Main Rotor 183 mm
* Length: 200 mm
* Width: about 183 mm (rotor diameter width)
* Height: 90 mm
* Weight about 26.6 grams
* Incl. 3-channel infrared remote control
* Trim on the remote control
* 3.7 V 120 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
* Charging cable into the remote control and an additional USB charging cable
* Charging time 20-30 minutes.
* Mode 2 – throttle left
* German and English manual
* Altersempfelung: 14 years
* Required 6 x AA batteries for remote, not included